• “Your coaching has been invaluable to me. The professional preparation that you undertook gave you a clear role. You are always able to redirect me and stay focused on the topic. I was able to explore new ideas and new ways of dealing with very entrenched, unhelpful or unhealthy responses on my part. Your objectivity encouraged me to see situations, responses and behaviors in a new light and try new ways of dealing with stressors. The book is a resource that I plan to continue to use as well. I guess we're all works in progress and for me, your coaching offered new ways of looking at stressful situations and actually making headway at working through instead of feeling stuck.”

    Sophia S., September 2017
  • “Caring for one's parents is a great blessing, but at times it can be overwhelming. Often I found myself asking: "How do I find time for myself?" "Why won't my siblings pitch in and help?" "How do I make my parents understand that I need time to exercise, spend with my friends,or stay in my own home?" "Should I feel guilty for wanting to have a life of my own when my parents spent so much of their lives raising me?" Suzanne listened to my struggles without passing judgement. She helped me understand that I can't always control the situation...only my response to the situation. Working with Suzanne enabled me to find a way to communicate and balance my needs with those of my parents, brothers, and sister. She helped me realize everyone has a different level of commitment when it comes to caregiving, and all I can do is recognize and meet my commitment, and let others worry about their own commitment. Suzanne coached me as I determined a course of action to become "unstuck" from my situation, when I felt "stuck" and exhausted.

    Elizabeth G., March 2014