An intention for the new year is different than a New Year’s resolution.

An intention provides clarity in moments of confusion or weakness. Let’s say your intention for the new year is to make healthy choices. When faced with an offer to eat something you want to eat, but you also know is not nutritious (in the slightest), you can recall your intention for the year: making healthy choices. When you decide on your intention, you also make a commitment to regularly remind yourself of it. Perhaps with a sticky note on a mirror, or in your desk drawer if you’re more private.

My intention for 2019 is to be more gentle with myself. I’m working on expanding my coaching practice even while I have several other big responsibilities. So, I tell myself I’m the kind of person who is gentle on herself. It doesn’t mean I let myself slide. It means that I acknowledge what I’m doing is not particularly easy for me, and I give myself a hug (sometimes literally) and move forward.

Do you have an intention for 2019? For the upcoming spring? Summer? I’d love to hear from you.