You can’t spell routine without R-U-T, it’s true! A rut is likely borne out of a routine. Slavish devotion to routines can lead to entrenched ruts that are so deep only a powerful effort to escape will be successful. Sometimes it takes a hard turn with the gas on to break free.

A routine is a way of organizing your time that helps you make the most of it. Routines are often efficient, requiring little thought and effort in dealing with rote actions – think your morning ablutions – and opens up that time to daydreaming or random thoughts. A rut may be efficient as well, but a slavish devotion to the routine limits the ability to daydream. A routine seems to open up possibilities, while a rut is constraining.  and opens up the remainder of your life to possibilities.

So how can you tell if your routine is actually a rut? If you’re thinking that you might be in a rut, you are in one. If you’re bored or frustrated by your routine, you are in a rut.