I studied at Duke University’s Integrative Medicine department in 2012 to become an Integrative Health Coach. However, it was many years BEFORE that that I became interested in paleolithic principles. In the late 80’s I found S. Boyd Eaton’s book, The Paleolithic Prescription, at Shakespeare & Co. bookstore on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I devoured it, figuratively.

I’m not exactly sure when I found Mark Sisson on the web. Probably about 2008? I was immediately drawn to the primal way of life. In 2014, I attended the last PrimalCon, was so inspired by my experience there that I was one of the first people to sign up for the Primal Blueprint Certification program. Life intervened, so it took me several years to finish the program (during which time it expanded and transformed into the Primal Health Coach Institute). (Coincidentally, the Primal Health Coach Institute coach training program is based on the Integrative Health Coaching model).

More to come!